About us


The inspiration for our project came after a Japanese hospitality team visited Siem Reap in 2014 and wondered what they could contribute to the people of the region.

When the project was launched in 2018 on a cleared site, it was important to us to employ local workers and to have a strong commitment to local production for local consumption.
As a result, we were able to continue creating employment for over 100 construction workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.
It took twice as long as usual to build a hotel, with an emphasis on Siem Reap products, from the wooden furniture, cushions, lighting and sinks, to the bricks for the walls.

Recruitment of staff has also been a priority. Most of the staff, including those from the surrounding villages, are inexperienced workers between the ages of 19 and 25.  Waka Villa will eventually hire and train over 40 young staff for just 19 villas. Growing up in what we call a ‘family’, the staff will be trained to the highest standards, making them valuable and ready to work wherever they move in the future.

By staying at WAKA VILLA, you will be contributing to the development of the local community and the human resources of Cambodia. Join us in Siem Reap now. The WAKA family’s biggest smile awaits you.