Body Treatment
Body Treatment

Scrub & Wrap


Black sticky Rice Scrub
60mins (45USD)
Indulge in this invigorating treatment that combines the cleansing power of Essential Smile. Coffee Sweetie’s Brown Sugar with the exfoliating effect of coffee grounds.
This scrub will smooth, brighten, moisturise and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft, supple and purified.


WAKA Brown sugar Coffee Scrub
Carefully researched to deeply cleanse the skin while providing a unique exfoliation, this treatment utilises the benefits of Essential Smile. Coffee Sweetie’s Brown Sugar to leave skin smooth, glowing, hydrated, soft, renewed and purified.


Organic Orange salt Scrub
60mins (45USD)
Refresh and revitalise your body with this detoxifying treatment that uses a blend of organic orange salt and coconut oil to polish and smooth your skin. A stimulating lotion massage activates the lymphatic system and enhances circulation.
This scrub will leave your skin soft, glowing and brightened.


Enzymatic Mango Mud Wrap
60mins (45USD)
Enjoy the natural healing properties of Khmer herbs, turmeric, honey, yoghurt and mango in this soothing wrap that detoxifies, moisturises and de-stresses your body. This treatment will help you restore the balance and harmony in your life.


Tamarind Milk Mask
60mins (40USD)
Reveal your natural beauty with this exfoliating mask that uses tamarind and honey to reduce freckles, dark spots and remove dead skin cells. This mask will brighten and nourish your skin with vitamin C and other natural ingredients.


Beauty Face Treatment


Face Moisturizer
60 mins (50USD)
Treat yourself to this revitalising facial that cleanses, hydrates and moisturises your skin. A facial massage and mask will purify and enhance your natural radiance. Complete your relaxation with a hand and foot treatment.


Sparkle Refresh
35min (30USD)
This facial is perfect for a quick boost of freshness and vitality for your skin. It clears, purifies and revitalises your complexion, leaving it with a sparkling, healthy glow.


Extra Time Fresh


Herbal Salt Bath
30mins (30USD)
Immerse yourself in this natural herbal bath that combines kaffir lime, phlai and fresh flowers with essential oils and mineral salts. This bath will soothe and invigorate your senses, as well as relieve muscle aches and pains after a long day.


Herbal Steam Room
30min (35USD)
Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with this herbal steam room that uses local Khmer herbs to offer you multiple benefits. This treatment will help you: • Relieve muscle tension and stiff joints after a long day of touring. • Reduce stress and calm your mind for a better sleep at night. • Improve blood circulation and reduce cellulite by enhancing blood flow and oxygen delivery. • Remove toxins and purify your body by sweating out harmful substances.


Nail Treatments


60 mins(35USD)
Treat your feet to this luxurious pedicure that includes an aromatherapy footbath, exfoliation, nail care and cuticle work.
Enjoy an energising foot massage and a nourishing paraffin treatment that will leave your feet soft and smooth. Choose your favourite nail polish to complete your look.


60 mins (30USD)
Give your hands some love with this essential manicure that includes a soak, exfoliation, nail care and cuticle work.
Relax with a soothing aroma hand massage and a nourishing paraffin treatment that will make your hands soft and supple. Pick your favourite nail polish to finish your style.


all prices are in USD and are subject to 10% VAT, 10% Spa Specific tax and 10% service charge.

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