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Traditional Khmer Massage
60mins/40USD   90mins/55USD
Experience the ancient art of healing with this dry therapeutic massage, inspired by the Angkorian tradition.
The therapist will apply deep, gentle pressure to stretch and stimulate your muscles, focusing on different areas of your body.
This massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and blissful.


Aromatic Swedish Massage
60mins/45USD   90mins/60USD
Indulge in a soothing massage with Effleurage essential oil, a blend of lavender, rosemary and sage. Our therapist will apply gentle pressure and smooth strokes to relax your muscles and calm your mind. Feel the stress melt away as you enjoy this aromatic treat.


Deep Fusion Massage
Revive your body and soul with this powerful massage that targets the muscle tissue affected by the stresses of everyday life.
Using firm strokes, pressure points, joint mobility and gentle elbow techniques, the therapist will focus on the areas that need the most attention. This massage will release tension, ease tired muscles and provide deep relaxation.


WAKA Feet Energizing
Indulge in this 1-hour treatment that will revitalize your feet and soothe your mind. Begin with a cleansing foot scrub and unwind in a serene atmosphere. Then experience a head, neck and shoulder acupressure massage while our therapists apply an energising cream to stimulate the reflex points on your feet. Your feet will be refreshed and ready to explore the wonders of Angkor!


Foot Massage
Based on the ancient art of reflexology, this massage stimulates the pressure points on your feet to release tension and balance your energy flow.
Enjoy a detoxifying cream application and a soothing head and shoulder massage to complete this rejuvenating treatment.


Quick Back Reviver
Restore your vitality with this essential oil massage that focuses on your back and shoulders, melting away stress and tension.
Our therapist’s expert touch technique will reset your sensory receptors and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.


Ayurvedic Head Massage
Find peace as the ancient wisdom of Indian Ayurvedic techniques is applied to this head massage, using warm virgin coconut oils for their hydrating and regenerating properties.


Hot Stone Aroma
Experience the healing power of smooth stones that are gently placed on your energy points.
The warmth from the volcanic and sedimentary stones will penetrate deep into your muscles and joints, creating a sense of harmony and balance in your body and mind.


WAKA Coconut warm oil
Experience the soothing and nourishing benefits of virgin coconut oil, gently heated and drizzled over your body. This relaxing full-body massage uses effleurage strokes and medium pressure to release tension and balance your energy.
Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals, bacteria and sunburn. It also moisturizes and smooths dry skin, leaving you feeling soft and healthy. We recommend keeping the oil on your skin for the rest of the day to enjoy its full effects.


all prices are in USD and are subject to 10% VAT, 10% Spa Specific tax and 10% service charge.

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